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Educating Reeves

by on Nov.12, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

The British do it differently, and different is good in this British XXX production by Joy Bear Pictures. Director Ted D. has given us a high quality adult film with all the production values of a mainstream movie. The sex scenes are as hot as any that come out of the San Fernando Valley.

Educating Reeves is narrated by the main character, Caroline, played by the stunning Lou Charmelle, speaking with a French accent. The movie opens with a sumptuous shot of Lou alone in bed in her farmhouse. She wakes and looks at the gorgeous view of the land, while we feast our eyes on her.

The scenery of the English countryside is no match for the natural beauty of these English babes. Caroline narrates the tale of a motorcycle racer who has come to her town to purchase land for a raceway. Danny D. tries to win the women over to his side with his prize possession, and it isn’t a motorcycle.

Danny D. has a thick, uncut, twelve-inch dick. This is a blessing and a curse, as you will soon find out. Danny is known in British porn as Whitezilla. He may have a skinny, pasty body, but no one’s looking at anything other than his magnificent appendage.

Danny needs to convince Lou to sell him the land, and he gets to work right away on Jess West, who he thinks is Lou, but she is the housekeeper. Like most of the other women in this adult film, she has natural perky breasts and a hot little body. Jess pulls down his pants and rubs his monster cock through his tighty whities. She pulls his cock out of his underpants and starts sucking. There is no deep throat action here, Jess can’t fit more than a third of his giant cock in her mouth.

Danny turns her around, pulls down her tight jeans and rubs his dick on her sweet ass, under her panties. Off come the clothes and Danny fucks Jess while she is pressed against the counter. Her right leg is raised onto the counter giving us a great view of her wet, shaved pussy.

Danny lifts her on the counter and licks her pussy, then hops up and fucks her against the cool granite top. After trying out various positions, he pulls out and shoots the kind of load you would expect to come out of that cock. Cum covers her from head to crotch.

The next scene features Samantha Bentley and Satine Spark. Samantha is working in the barn when Sunny comes in. This is a sweetly languorous scene of some of the best lesbian sex you have ever seen. When these women straddle each other’s face in a way that we can see all the action, you get an eyeful of pussy licking that is not only hot, but beautiful to watch.

The narrator starts reminiscing about the couple who used to live in the house, back in the 40s. Paige Turner is at the sink doing dishes when Seth Strong comes in, and lifts her dress to expose her garter belt, and seamed stockings.

Paige has no problem sucking Seth’s regular sized cock. I doubt that anyone had “Lucky You” tattooed above their pubic bone back in the 40s, but let’s not be nit picky. Paige straddles Seth face forward and reverse cowgirl so we get nice view of her perfect pussy. She turns around and he cums all over her ass.

In the next scene, two women investors come to town and stay at Lou’s house. Cathy Heaven is the only woman in the group who has large tits. She is sitting on the couch, pissed off about something, and throws her cell phone on the floor.

Paige Fox picks it up in her mouth and crawls over to Cathy to give it to her. Cathy gives Paige’s hot ass a spanking, using her hand and a book. Director Ted D. really knows how to get those pussy eating shots and he lets the camera linger on the action.

In the final scene, Lou gives in to Danny and lets him in, lets him way in, right under that tiny landing strip, inside her lovely British pussy. Lou also has trouble taking all of Danny D for dick’s giant occupational plus into her sweet mouth, but she makes up for it by fucking him into the next day.

This is a great movie for women or couples. The sex scenes aren’t rushed, as they seem to be in some American movies. The woman are real, and the pussy licking scenes are dripping wet. Women will appreciate that even when Danny is sinking his monster to the hilt, these lovely British beauties aren’t moaning hysterically, their sounds are more realistic. It’s a quiet film with no background music, only the natural sounds of women receiving pleasure.

Director: Ted D.
Production Year: 2012
Length: 2h 0m
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My New Black Stepdaddy #12

by on Nov.09, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

As told from the perspective of young, nubile, dirty-minded white girls, My New Black Stepdaddy 12 features four horny girls hungry  for some convenient big, black cock.

Pressley Carter is the first tiny teen who is both curious and nervous, sitting with her stepdaddy two times her size on a couch wearing nothing by a skimpy black dress that barely reaches her ass. She is quickly arouses when her new father figure pulls out his gun (a literal gun—he pulls out the figurative one momentarily), and she initiates some new father-daughter bonding action.

With long brown hair and a petite, skinny body, Pressley eagerly attacks the massive cock, sucking long and hard, going as deep as she can. Her dress comes off completely, and she spread her legs to show off her pure white skin, a large tattoo on her side, and a neatly trimmed black bush about her pink, tender pussy. She gets eaten out, her pussy wet and ready to be entered by a black cock. She lays on her back, sticks her legs in the air, and we get a great shot of her pussy being rammed as well as her tight teen asshole.

She rides cowgirl and reverse, taking time in between positions to wet her daddy’s cock, before finally getting a hot white load across her bush and stomach.

Destiny James is up next, tanned and blonde and definitely horny. Her stepfather walks in on her changing, likes what he sees, and quickly she is on top of him. She straddles him, wearing a skimpy skirt and nothing underneath, revealing her round ass and pink pussy. Her clothes come off, and she begins things by sucking him off, taking a cock deep down her throat.

When she gets on her back, she lifts her long, skinny legs high in the air, opening up wide for full penetration. She screams in ecstasy as her tiny tits bounce with each pounding. After a lengthy fuck session, one that almost brings her to tears, she beams when taking a final load across her cute baby face.

The brunette teen Casey Cumz is another horny girl craving black cock, and she like the girls before her, seduce her big, bad stepdaddy. Casey has a gorgeous round ass, and when she rides her man and leans over, we see it bounce in all its glory, with her tempting tight asshole begging to be fucked. While she isn’t quite ready for anal action, she loves the cock in her pussy and in her mouth, alternating sucking and fucking, and taking a hot load on her face, playing with it on her hands and lips.

The last nasty teenage girl is the innocent Mae Meyers, aroused by her dreadlocked daddy. She sits on the couch with a tiny flower dress, giving us a teasing view of her pink panties. After sucking off her father, the dress comes off, showing off a taut body with a pair of round, tender breasts, and a fully shaven and nubile pussy. She is tattooed around her stomach and back, and shows off her shapely breasts, large nipples, and tasty pussy, as we get the sexiest and dirtiest girl for last.

Director: N/A
Production Year: 2012
Length: 2h 11m


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It’s Okay, She’s My Stepsister #3

by on Oct.30, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

Four young, horny, nubiles take the spotlight in a deliciously deviant adult film rental from Devil’s Films, It’s Okay, She’s My Stepsister 3. From the looks of it, everything is super fine, so please, proceed.  Lacey Leveah, Ashlyn Greene, Mandy Lou, and Zoey Nixon are the raw, sexually charged teens set upon by their horny brothers, err, stepbrothers, that is. The brown-haired, blue-eyed Lacey gets bored quickly during her guitar lessons, as she is more interested in running her hands along something else. Eager to show her real talents, she undoes her stepbrother’s belt, pulls out his cock, and begins tugging and sucking.

Not long after, the pink panties are pulled down her legs, and her sun dress follows soon after, as Lacey stands completely naked, her tan lines making her all the more innocent. She gets on her back as her stepbrother licks and sucks on her supple pussy, spreading her think lips to reveal a pink inside.  She may be young, but she sure is an experienced rider, moaning with a deep cock inside her, and a finger rubbing her pink asshole as she bounces up and down. She winces as she gets fucked from behind, but takes a load on her face and in her mouth like a professional.

Ashlyn is the next youngster eager to please, quickly going down on her older stepsibling while wearing a yellow tank top and short black skirt. Those don’t stay on long, of course, as the blonde beauty wastes no time undressed and getting her favour returned. She sticks her long legs in the air while getting eaten out, but happily complies when she is turned over on her knees. Ashlyn flaunts her bald pink pussy and tiny tits, begging to be fucked harder and harder.
Like Lacey, and the rest of the girls, she teases us as she rides, her ass cheeks spread apart revealing ever more innocence that needs to be tapped. It is not to be this time around, but there are still two more pure girls to be defiled. Mandy Lou is another blonde teen that welcomes being seduced, but it is Zoey for the finish that stands out.

Her short, funky hair dyed red, the skinny oozes deviousness. She removes her tight black dress to show off a massive pair of natural breasts for someone her size, and a pair of skimpy pink panties hiding a shaved, pink pussy. Zoey is raw and dirty, sucking a hard cock before taking deep inside her. She is freshly shaven, and she is no stranger to getting fucks, letting her stepbrother yank her around different positions.

She is lifted off the ground while riding cowgirl and finally let down on her needs to so she suck some more cock, then fucked doggy style, and then repeats. She can’t seem to make up her indecisive mind until the very end, getting her fill of hot, white cum from her mouth down her chest. It’s far more than okay.

Starring: Lacey Leveah, Zoey Nixon, Ashlyn Greene, Mandy Lou

Studio: Devil’s Film

Categories: Hardcore, Teens 18+, Family Porn, Reality

Director: N/A

Production Year: 2012
Length: 126:26 minutes
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Diary Of Love

by on Oct.25, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

Chances are you’ve never seen the mainstream movie, “The Notebook”, unless you were forced to watch it, or subjected yourself to that suffering because you were trying to please a woman and wanted to get laid.
Jim Powers has produced or directed over 500 porn movies. After making some impressive hardcore fuck and suck films, like the “Gag Factor” series,  he has moved on to features. Powers shows that he is a master of the porn movie spoof in this adult film from Smash Pictures. This is most definitely a XXX chick flick, or couples movie.
The porn adaptation of “The Notebook” starts out in a similar fashion to the original, all romance and silliness. Presley Hart and Richie Calhoun play the two star-crossed lovers. Lily Labeau is Presley’s friend who has a thing going with Logan Pierce.  The plot is pretty faithful to the original. This movie is all kiss and no kink. Straight up romantic sex. There is no “bow chikka wow wow” music, the soundtrack could be from any mainstream romance film.
The PPV opens with a voice over narrative by Presley. She is visiting Richie in the hospital; he’s in a coma and completely bandaged up. She starts reading him a love story.
It may have been love at first sight for Richie, but not necessarily lust on Presley’s part. There is plenty of film foreplay, since the sex doesn’t start until 15 minutes into the movie, and then it is Lily Labeau and Logan Pierce picnicking in the park and eating more than the food.
This scene was shot outdoors, and there are birds chirping in the background as Lily gives Logan some serious head. Powers has nixed the gag factor for this movie. Lily looks like she belongs in this scene. She has that innocent on the outside, slutty on the inside look.  Logan tongues Lily’s sweet pussy from behind, and then she lies back and they move into cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.  Logan cums all over Lily’s lovely, not excessively trimmed bush.
When Presley and Richie finally get down to getting down, there is some coitus interruptus from Logan. Presley’s mother, Nikki Charm, playing a non-sex role, orders Presley to stop seeing Richie. Unlike the original, which was set in the 1940’s, this movie is set in the 2000s. Presley goes off to Harvard, and Richie ends up going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Logan gets killed in the war.
Presley meets someone new, more in line with her mother’s approval, Johnny. Presley and Johnny are planning to get married. After talking about it, Richie kisses Presley’s tight little body and gives her bald beaver some tongue love. She keeps talking, because this isn’t the only kind of love she is looking for, she wants the real thing. Presley sucks Johnny’s cock and then rides him cowgirl style. Johnny fucks her from behind, and loses his load on her pussy.
Richie comes back from the war and finds he has inherited some money, so he buys a house and renovates it to get Presley back. After three years, the house is as empty as a virgin’s twat. Richie consoles himself with the sweet lips of Kimberly Kane and Lia Lor in a hot threesome. Bookended by a brunette and a blonde, Richie lets his dick take precedence over his heart. Richie may be heartbroken, but that doesn’t stop him from giving these horny chicks a good tongue lashing.   He pumps Kimberly missionary style, and Lia rides him cowgirl style. Richie plugs Kimberly from behind while she eat’s Lia’s beautiful puss. Both lovely ladies stroke and suck Richie to a happy ending and he cums all over their pretty faces.
Finally! After Presley sees a photo of Richie in the paper, she drives to his house and sees him. There is the famous kissing scene in the rain, which every romance movie must include. From the sound of Presley’s moaning, she has been waiting a long time to feel Richie’s huge cock inside her, even though he goes straight for the missionary position.  Wait, he did lick her pussy first, but he spent more time licking an ice cream cone early in the movie. We get an expansive view of Presley’s magnificent ass when she gets on top. Women like to be on top, and this is a woman’s movie, which is why this is the preferred position. Presley sucks his cock, and he blows his spunk on her tummy.
Diary of Love has much more going for it than “The Notebook”, despite some cheesy blue screen shots at a fair, and no Ryan Gosling for the ladies. The original might make your woman cry, but this movie will make them moan.


Director: Jim Powers
Production Year: 2012
Length: 127:6 minutes
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Ideal Companion

by on Oct.22, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

Fantasy is reality in Ideal Companion, a full-length feature that appeals to the heart of every young male who has ever wished for a female to control, or simply loved Weird Science. A pair of star-crossed sexy scientists, the famed Alektra Blue and Mr. Dane Cross, experiment in creating the perfect robot lover with whom to command and fuck in this fun and sexy adult movie rental.
A sex comedy from Wicked Pictures and Jonathon Morgan, the film begins with a threesome featuring blonde beauties Sheena Shaw and Heather Starlet. The two strip and take turns getting fucked by Ryan McLane, making sure to take care of the other; when one of the ladies gets fucked doggie style, she bends over the other and eats her out while still getting pounded. The girls continue to share until the very end, blowing their man until he erupts, swapping his cum mouth to mouth.
Meanwhile, the lovely, sexy brunette Alektra Blue tries to seduce her colleague, but he stays absent minded, ignoring her while looking to create a female for himself.

Alektra, wearing a pony tail, black glasses, and a lab coat, find time alone with the male robot of her creation, one that looks remarkably like Tommy Gunn, and she soon tests him out. She takes his big cock in her mouth as she removes her glasses, then taking off everything as her robot friend fucks her pierced pussy from behind, bending her over a table. She then straddles him, and we get a close up of her being penetrated, as her massive fake tits swing with every thrust, and she finally takes a load of cum across her pussy.

Dane’s creation, meanwhile, is the tall and buxom blonde Samantha Saint, and while Alektra takes no interest (we already got our threesome), the pair get quickly acquainted, as Samantha gives a wet, sloppy blow job while rubbing her clit. Her moist and pierced pussy gets a proper licking before she takes a cock inside her, fucking reverse cowgirl and doggy style, and also taking her man’s ejaculate on her stomach and clit.

Next up is Nicole Aniston, the blonde-haired, big-boobed, and trimmed beauty. She enters the bedroom wearing black boots, black stocking, and a black corset, ready to control her man. She takes a seat, resting her juicy ass and tight pink pussy on his face, taking his tongue inside her. We get teased a gorgeous view of her pink asshole, as she shakes her luscious cheeks before turning over to deep throat a massive cock. She fucks on top first, then lying on her back, sticking one leg in the air while whipping her man.

The ending finally sees the would-be scientist lovers consummate their attraction, as Alektra Blue strips down and gets fucked by Dane Cross, her pierced pussy eaten out, and her mouth filled with cock. She rides him first, and then takes him from behind, with her gorgeous, round ass getting cummed all over.
This comedic fantasy feature showcases a group of famous and accomplished women in the business, and is perfect for those looking for a straight forward adult movie. There is no anal play and only one cum shot on the face, but these buxom women are all experienced at fucking and putting on a show, screaming and moaning, all the while tantalizing you with a set of sexual skills that make them the perfect partner in the bedroom. Or the lab, for that matter.

Director: Jonathan Morgan
Production Year: 2012
Length: 124:13 minutes
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Reality Porn… Whose Reality?

by on Sep.01, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t stumble into gangbangs that often.  Apparently, this is not the case in LA, or in any Frat house nationwide.  Porn would have us believe that spontaneous orgies, featuring hot babes and bodybuilders, not only happen are common, but in fact, define the very dimension in which we exist… not too shabby.

[adultrental s="528" ]a029096[/adultrental]

Yep, it sure is strange.  Just look at this clip from Masters of Reality Porn, for example.  Isn’t it odd that this– (continue reading…)

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