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The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody

by on Nov.06, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

The best film of an epic superhero movie franchise gets its deserved porn makeover complete with plenty of tight leather outfits and masked deviants, as The Dark Knight XXX satisfies nerd and porn parody fans alike..  Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and even the incredibly sexy Zatanna, who was a childhood friend of Batman’s and member of the Justice League, make an appearance in this dark and juicy cosplay adult film.

We set in on a cold, deserted wilderness, where inside his funhouse of horror and scandal, the Joker is keeping prisoner Commissioner Jim Gordon, and more importantly, the sexy, latex-wearing Batgirl. Joker soon rips off her mask, revealing her true identity as the blonde and buxom Penny Pax. With a knife to her throat, she exchanges sexual favours for her life, getting down on her knees and taking Joker’s cock deep down her throat.

When he is properly hard, Batgirl gets down on her back, revealing a conveniently placed hole in her suit, showing off her clean shaven and tender pussy. Still in her tight, black outfit, she screams and moans, talking dirty to her captor, turning over on her knees to take it from behind. Batgirl proves quite flexible, in more ways than one, lying on the ground, putting her hips in the air, and spreading her legs wide as she gets fucked in the ass from above. When she finally has enough, she returns to her knees to take a hot load in her mouth and all over her face.

We then come across Batman in action, sort of. He takes down a bad guy and partner of the fiery-haired Poison Ivy (Dani Jensen), and after the caped crusader leaves, Ivy gives her beaten comrade some needed attention. She gives him a deep-throated blow job before finding some place to lean against, lifting her leg in order to and take it from behind. They continue for another five minutes, as we get a glimpse of Ivy’s red-haired pussy while she keeps on her leafy outfit.

At home, Batman gets a visit from Catgirl, played by the deliciously devilish Aiden Ashley. In black leather, with her cat ears and black eye shadow, she gives Batman’s cock a long, wet, thorough cleaning. She pounces on top of him, riding him hard, slowly unzipping the front of her suit. As she takes a pounding, we get a gorgeous view of her ass and clean shaven pussy. The slender Aiden is the perfect Catwoman, with her perky breasts and tiny nipples and endless moaning. Catwoman shows off her sexual prowess, at last taking Batman’s load on her face and in her eye—without batting a lash.

Christy Mack makes an appearance as Zatanna, rewarding herself after a good magic show with a quick, magical blowjob. The dark-haired beauty shows off her full breasts during the quickie that ends with her face full of cum.

In the finale, Catwoman shows she plays for both sides as she double-crosses Batman, and joins with Kathy Kane to double team the villain Bane, sucking, fucking, and eating each other out. Kane shows off her sexy, curvy body, with her round ass shaking as she rides Bane, with a cock in her pussy and her own finger in her ass. Unlike the Hollywood world, it’s not as easy for the good guy to get all the girls when you’re in the adult film business – sorry Batman, maybe in the sequel.

Starring: Aiden Ashley, Andy San Dimas, Brendon Miller, Brian Street Team, Christy, Clarke Kent, Dani Jensen, Derrick Pierce, Giovanni Francesco, Penny Pax, Tom Byron

Director: Axel Braun
Categories: Spoof, Feature
Production Year: 2012
Length: 1h 31m
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Diary Of Love

by on Oct.25, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

Chances are you’ve never seen the mainstream movie, “The Notebook”, unless you were forced to watch it, or subjected yourself to that suffering because you were trying to please a woman and wanted to get laid.
Jim Powers has produced or directed over 500 porn movies. After making some impressive hardcore fuck and suck films, like the “Gag Factor” series,  he has moved on to features. Powers shows that he is a master of the porn movie spoof in this adult film from Smash Pictures. This is most definitely a XXX chick flick, or couples movie.
The porn adaptation of “The Notebook” starts out in a similar fashion to the original, all romance and silliness. Presley Hart and Richie Calhoun play the two star-crossed lovers. Lily Labeau is Presley’s friend who has a thing going with Logan Pierce.  The plot is pretty faithful to the original. This movie is all kiss and no kink. Straight up romantic sex. There is no “bow chikka wow wow” music, the soundtrack could be from any mainstream romance film.
The PPV opens with a voice over narrative by Presley. She is visiting Richie in the hospital; he’s in a coma and completely bandaged up. She starts reading him a love story.
It may have been love at first sight for Richie, but not necessarily lust on Presley’s part. There is plenty of film foreplay, since the sex doesn’t start until 15 minutes into the movie, and then it is Lily Labeau and Logan Pierce picnicking in the park and eating more than the food.
This scene was shot outdoors, and there are birds chirping in the background as Lily gives Logan some serious head. Powers has nixed the gag factor for this movie. Lily looks like she belongs in this scene. She has that innocent on the outside, slutty on the inside look.  Logan tongues Lily’s sweet pussy from behind, and then she lies back and they move into cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.  Logan cums all over Lily’s lovely, not excessively trimmed bush.
When Presley and Richie finally get down to getting down, there is some coitus interruptus from Logan. Presley’s mother, Nikki Charm, playing a non-sex role, orders Presley to stop seeing Richie. Unlike the original, which was set in the 1940’s, this movie is set in the 2000s. Presley goes off to Harvard, and Richie ends up going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Logan gets killed in the war.
Presley meets someone new, more in line with her mother’s approval, Johnny. Presley and Johnny are planning to get married. After talking about it, Richie kisses Presley’s tight little body and gives her bald beaver some tongue love. She keeps talking, because this isn’t the only kind of love she is looking for, she wants the real thing. Presley sucks Johnny’s cock and then rides him cowgirl style. Johnny fucks her from behind, and loses his load on her pussy.
Richie comes back from the war and finds he has inherited some money, so he buys a house and renovates it to get Presley back. After three years, the house is as empty as a virgin’s twat. Richie consoles himself with the sweet lips of Kimberly Kane and Lia Lor in a hot threesome. Bookended by a brunette and a blonde, Richie lets his dick take precedence over his heart. Richie may be heartbroken, but that doesn’t stop him from giving these horny chicks a good tongue lashing.   He pumps Kimberly missionary style, and Lia rides him cowgirl style. Richie plugs Kimberly from behind while she eat’s Lia’s beautiful puss. Both lovely ladies stroke and suck Richie to a happy ending and he cums all over their pretty faces.
Finally! After Presley sees a photo of Richie in the paper, she drives to his house and sees him. There is the famous kissing scene in the rain, which every romance movie must include. From the sound of Presley’s moaning, she has been waiting a long time to feel Richie’s huge cock inside her, even though he goes straight for the missionary position.  Wait, he did lick her pussy first, but he spent more time licking an ice cream cone early in the movie. We get an expansive view of Presley’s magnificent ass when she gets on top. Women like to be on top, and this is a woman’s movie, which is why this is the preferred position. Presley sucks his cock, and he blows his spunk on her tummy.
Diary of Love has much more going for it than “The Notebook”, despite some cheesy blue screen shots at a fair, and no Ryan Gosling for the ladies. The original might make your woman cry, but this movie will make them moan.


Director: Jim Powers
Production Year: 2012
Length: 127:6 minutes
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Fifty Shades of Grey – A XXX Adaptation

by on Oct.17, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

The best-selling books that is a making housewife horny and innocent young girl blush gets the much needed XXX adaptation, taking Fifty Shades of Grey to its dark and dirty extreme, finally offering something for men and the kinkiest of women to truly enjoy.

Fifty Shades of Grey – A XXX Adaptation
, from Smash Pictures is a two and a half hour erotic thriller, of bondage and S&M action featuring the young, slender long-haired brunette Allie Haze in the starring role.

She plays the innocent and impressionable student Anastasia, who gets seduced by an older man and led into a dark world of sexual deviance and exploration. She takes some time to warm up to the secretive Christian Grey (Ryan Driller), but soon enough she is willing to be taken, and we get our first glimpse of the gorgeously tanned Allie, with her tiny tits, brown nipples, and neatly-trimmed bush and the first of her many fucks in the movie.

In their initial encounter, Anastasia takes him inside her while on her back, with the two soon moving to the bath tub where she gives Christian a passionate, wet blowjob. They later return to the bed, where Anastasia gets her first experience with some light bondage, as her hands are tied over her head while Christian licks her tight, tender pussy.

As that scene comes to a close, so to speak, we turn to Anastasia’s friend, played by the blond and buxom Alexis Ford, as she fucks and sucks in bed wearing a pair of high heels. She is far more experienced than Allie, who now exposed to the world of sex, starts to have nightmares of depravity and bondage, where men and women are gagged, blinded, and tied up.

One such scene features the blond dominatrix Julie Ann, as she takes advantage of a bound and tied man, whipping him and forcing his tongue into her pierced pussy. She removed her black corset revealing her massive breasts, blowing him off and finally removed his restraints so she can get properly fucked: on her back, her stomach, and between her tits.

The nightmares of young Allie soon turn to fantasies, and these thoughts turn her on. Lying in bed wearing a white tank and a pair of purple panties, she starts to masturbate, and her dark thoughts find her tied naked and spread eagle to a bed as Christian stands over her with a whip and total control.

It’s not long before her fantasies become a dark reality. During a masquerade ball, she is taken away to a bathroom, where she is momentarily handcuffed and spanked before taking a cock from behind while still wearing her ball gown and high heels.   The dramatic and much anticipated finale finds the petite and nubile Anastasia having sex in both the bedroom and the dungeon, not knowing what is real, but turned on by both. The innocent girl is stripped of her pure, white clothes, revealing once more her slender frame and perky tits. Her legs are spread apart and locked in pace, with her arms handcuffed over her head, and she stands wide-eyed and submissive, ready to be taken, beginning a lengthy ending to the sex-filled film adaptation.

It is the story all men wanted, and the adult film rental that was sorely needed, featuring a perfect-bodied young, naïve girl in need of domination and a good, hard fuck.

Categories: Bondage, Spoof, S&M, Fetish, Feature
Director: Jim Powers
Production Year: 2012
Length: 148:21 minutes
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Chyna Is Queen Of The Ring

by on Oct.16, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

Pro-wrestler Chyna is back in the ring, only this time when she bangs guys into the mat, she gets banged right back. Gangbanged that is. And what a gang it is. Vivid Entertainment’s wrestling porn parody features nine major adult film stars, like Tommy Pistol, Alex Sanders, Cyrus King, Ralph Long, Sledge Hammer, Marco Banderas parodying famous wrestlers like The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Iron Sheik, and Doink.

Oh yeah, and Ron Jeremy playing the only role he needs to play anymore; himself.

It may be a man’s world, but there is still room for Lisa Ann as a Stephanie McMahon and Valerie Kay as the ring girl.
Lee Stone as Vince is in the locker room with Lisa Ann. They tell Chyna that in order to wrestle in the Fucklemania, she has to participate in Jizzapalooza. She’ll only do it if they do something for her; tag team her big, juicy cunt. She orders the father daughter team to suck her engorged clit.
Lee manages Chyna’s lady meat, while Lisa sucks on Chyna’s big tits. Chyna sucks dick the way she does everything else; to the extreme. Lee pile drives his meat into Chyna’s wet pussy while she gives Lisa’s pussy a licking, until they are all down for the count.
On to the Jizzapalooza. Chyna is a match for any man, let alone a whole jizzload of them. Ring girl Valerie announces each wrestler while the announcer gives a play by play. Chyna gets nasty while the men beat on her face and tits with their rock hard cocks. She gags down each of their dicks and they take turns plugging her pussy.
Chyna has to get each guy off to win. She knocks each one down to the canvas by sucking the life force out of him. Even the announcer gets in on the action, proving that a guy in a suit can pound like the pros. The guys shoot their jizz all over Chyna’s face and tits and she wins Jizzapalooza.  Backstage, Ron Jeremy being Ron, or Lou Albano, is making sure that Valerie Kay’s cunt is getting equal face and cock time, off the clock. She sends in Chyna for some similar action. Chyna should be saving her strength for the Fucklemania match, but this woman has no limits. Chyna’s no pussy, but she has one, (contrary to Internet rumors) and Ron makes sure she leaves satisfied.
The main event, Fucklemania, is a no holds barred, knock down spermathon between Chyna and tag team, fake Hulk Hogan and Rik Flair. Chyna looks like she is down for the count, but she is determined to win. Chyna gets plugged from both ends.  Hogan gives Chyna’s ass a good reaming while she takes Rik Flair’s dick all the way into her throat. Hogan pulls out of her ass and shoots his load on Chyna’s face. She licks his cock clean.  Chyna almost gets beat down by a bunch of man meat in this XXX wrestling match, but she rallies in the end and wins the Fucklemania belt!


Director: N/A
Production Year: 2012
Length: 103:16 minutes
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Married… with XXX

by on Dec.07, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Married… with Children was a television behemoth in the 90s, the staple of Sunday night programming, hugely popular and widely scorned.  Frankly, it had it all: lowbrow humor, violence, and of course, sexy bitches.  Come on, as if we didn’t all masturbate to Kelly and Peg Bundy (Christine Applegate), and sometimes, in a pinch, Marcy.

[adultrental s="421" ]a034514[/adultrental]

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Porndom made a parody of this sitcom.  Without further ado, allow me to introduce Married with Hormones 2, what the Bundy household would have been like if Howard Stern– (continue reading…)

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Snatch Adams… need I say more

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

I enjoy a good laugh almost as much as I enjoy busting fat nuts on females.  Luckily, these interests often cross paths when I cruise for fine porn to put on while I’m getting-it-on.  It’s all about those zany titles and themes.  Sure, they often have very little to do with the content within, but I like to look at it as added value: one free joke with every DVD.

[adultrental s="715" ]a005251[/adultrental]

I had a hearty chuckle over the above movie’s moniker: Snatch Adams.  So the film has practically nothing to do with doctors who have– (continue reading…)

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HORAT: A Parody of a Parody–I like!

by on Jul.02, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Borat was a great film, I loved it in fact.  That being said there was a noticable lack of explicit anal sex scenes and jizz slicked orifices.  This is where Horat comes in.  Here you’ll see the really character do what he does best: sexy time!  You name it, this dude is all over it.  We have doubly penetrated assholes, we have sopping facials, we have three-on-one action, and yes, we even have some vaginal sex through into the mix.

[adultrental s="410"]a031344[/adultrental]

No bad, eh.

If Horat turns your crank, you’ve gotta take a look at BeetleJism.  This one is perhaps my personal favorite porn parody of all time.  Tim Burton’s version has nothing on BeetleJism, well, besides Winona (Winona forever, fuck I love that bitch).

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