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Payton Leigh – Deceptively Sweet but Secretly Slutty

by on Apr.12, 2013, under Pornstar Reviews

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see this blue-eyed California blonde shopping in the grocery store, but you’d have to suppress the urge to corner her in the produce section. Payton is a real life wife and mother and she exudes that soccer mom appeal.

She plays a horny MILF in movies like This Ain’t The Partridge Family, where she is the XXX version of the Partridge family mom. In real life, Payton likes to listen to hard rock, like Aerosmith and Van Halen. It doesn’t take much to get rock hard while watching Payton suck a guy’s balls into her sweet mouth.

Payton was born Sherri Marshall on January 8, 1967, in Paso Robles, California. Some of that 1960’s free spirit must have been imbedded in her DNA, but she didn’t start her porn career until much later in life, after working in the medical field. We’d like to play doctor with that 34B/24/34 hot body.

The 5’4 Payton is a natural beauty. She may be 46 years old, but she keeps herself in great shape. Payton has a pierced navel and clit. Take a closer look at her beautiful gaping hole in My Pussy Is Open Fuck Me, where she also gives a big, black cock a foot job.

Payton has a tattoo of Tinkerbell on her tummy. She kind of resembles Tinkerbell – lovely, tiny perfection.  Payton specializes in playing horny bisexual housewives. Unlike those housewives on reality TV, Payton isn’t a bitch, but she can be anyone’s bitch if she’s in the mood. She loves to take it doggie style.

In Mother Daughter Exchange Club #15, Payton treats Kaci Starr to some Madonna/whore attention, with special attention to young Kaci’s clit. Kaci embraces her newfound lesbianism and uses her tongue to tickle Payton’s pierced clit.

40+ And Loves To Fuck #2 is another great showcase for Payton’s charms. We get some cum inducing close-ups of Payton’s bejewelled pussy while she plays with herself. She turns around and the camera is inches away from another one of her best assets. Payton may be in her forties, but you can’t tell from looking at her firm round ass.

If you have a fetish for clothing impressions on skin, there are some nice ghost panty impressions on Payton’s bum, and you have a good view when Payton moves into her favourite position to take it up the ass.

Check out Payton’s website where she shares her latest news and sexy photos. Payton has over 86 titles to her credit, and this Mommie Dearest has no signs of quitting any time soon.



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Porn Diva – Rebecca Bardoux

by on Feb.21, 2013, under Pornstar Reviews

Rebecca was born in 1963 in Erie, Pa.  and is still one of the hottest porn stars in the business. The dirty blonde with the pretty face has a 36D-25-35 figure. She has been in the business since 1992 and has appeared in over 276 adult films.

Rebecca has always been a wild and nasty girl. She started working as a stripper when she was still a teenager and got into porn at the age of 29, after developing a friendship with Sean Michaels. That’s a late start, but she has definitely made up for it in quantity and quality. Rebecca married porn star Jake Ryder and they worked together for a while, but Rebecca is single again after being married twice.

Rebecca loves anal and sucking big dicks, but she also likes to lick pussy. She loves the taste of cum and says that swallowing has health benefits! Now in her 40s, Rebecca is the queen of the MILFs and her energetic performances are enjoyed by men and women. Rebecca throws herself into her roles with abandon, which is why she has endured in an industry where younger women are often seen as more desirable.

All the hottest mothers we want to fuck appear in the Girlfriends Films renowned series, and Rebecca has appeared in a few of these lesbian mother daughter PPVs. Watch Rebecca give motherly advice and pussy love in Mother Daughter Exchange Club #17.

Big Boob Fantastic 40s #3 is the perfect showcase for Rebecca’s bouncing beauties. Rebecca’s boobs aren’t the only fine feature on her body, she’s still got a tight twat and the kind of ass that deserves to be worshiped.

Sodomania And Then Some shows off some of Rebecca’s best assets and gained her a lot of fans.

has those classic looks that can put her in the boardroom or the bedroom. She is also a savvy businesswoman. She is the Director of Marketing and Media for Biker Lube Personal Lubricating Jelly.

She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2007.  As long as Rebecca wants to keep on giving, we’ll keep on cumming. Check out her Check out Rebecca’s website or visit her Facebook page.



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Soccers Moms

by on Nov.15, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

They are the founding members of the MILF enterprise, a coven of women so delectable in their wholesome façade, maturity, and insatiable sexual appetite. They are the soccer moms, and they are the titular stars of Brad Armstrong’s feature adult film comedy.

The film begins with a literal soccer mom, the redheaded and incredibly busty Taylor Wane, wandering on to the pitch in her tight capris (not exactly mom jeans), and her long hair in a pony tail. Her tight shirt can barely contain her enormous fake breasts as she chats up a youngster practicing. She can’t seem to contain herself (in any way), and almost instantly she gets on her knees and pulls down the man’s pants, grabbing his cock and shoving it into her mouth, feverishly sucking and tugging. You hear her suck and gag, but she as is happy to receive as she is to give.

Hopping on a chair, she spreads wide her skinny legs, revealing her pink pussy ready to be licked. When the fucking begins, Taylor is bent over and her breasts explode out of her shirt with every thrust. Her giant pair swings underneath her as she gets pounded, and bounce in rhythm as she rides on top. They fuck outside, but she strangely never removes her entire outfit, and only gets to enjoy a relatively small cum shot in her mouth and on her bare chest.

Carpool Mom is up next, as the dirty-blonde haired Tanya Tate (she is dirty in other ways too, mind you), heads out on a trip when her van stalls. Enter a mechanic, who when tries to give her a hand, gives her a cock instead. They are soon inside, and she decides to take him for a ride. We get a view of her gorgeous round ass as her pussy embraces the cock first fast then slow, later getting on top and sitting reverse cowgirl (cowmom?).

We then turn to Bake Sale Mom, who has enough dessert for not one, but two lucky boys. India Summer welcomes the pair of hungry lads to her kitchen, where there are some very tasty treats to be had. Her clothes are slowly removed, revealing a pair of natural perky breasts, tender tiny nipples, and trimmed black bush.  India bends over as one boy fingers her while she tugs at the other’s hard cock. Turning on her back, she takes a dick in her hand, in her pussy, and in her mouth, and eventually gets the icing on the cake.

The buxom blonde Brittany Andrews is another horny housewife that finds a younger man to satisfy her, as does the equally blonde and equally large-breasted Julia Ann. The famed MILF seduces a younger boy poolside, wearing a white bikini that is soon removed.

The sexiest mom, however, may be the last, as Kendra Lust finds herself working out at the gym wearing a tight, black sports bra and some shapely booty shorts. The dark-haired and tanned Workout Mom is by far the sultriest, showing off her muscles on a tight sexy body glistening with sweat, and looking so tasty you want to lick it all off her. She acts tough and talks dirty, spreading her legs to get fingered, licked, and fucked, with only the hint of a landing strip. The taut and toned mom finishes things off right, receiving the best cum shot of the film all over her face.

Director: Brad Armstrong
Production Year: 2012
Length: 1h 27m
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Smoked Beaver Pie

by on Mar.03, 2010, under Adult Video Reviews

The below clip is taken from the original Deep Throat, which is perhaps the most famous porno film of all time—not to mention the most profitable (adjusted for inflation, it has grossed over 600 MILLION dollars).   And you know what, this shit is still awesome: funny, strange, kinky, and yes, good for a hard crank.

[adultrental s="500" ]a020719[/adultrental]

Straight up, Linda Lovelace–not shown above–was a fucking sweetheart, sweet and cute and dirty and had no bottom to her mouth.  What she did with a foot long cock is still a high water mark for extreme blowjobs; in fact, I don’t think I’ve seen her equal, which is saying a lot seeing that I watch dozens of BJs everyday…  I need help. I need an another set of balls.

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Fillin’ up the tank

by on Feb.14, 2010, under Adult Video Reviews

What do you do when the tank is empty?  You fill it up.  That’s logic you can’t argue with, and what’s true for cars must also be true for women, especially women who are also measured by tonnage.  You find a fatty with an empty pussy or anus…  Do I really need to spell it out for you, fellas?

[adultrental s="655" ]a031925[/adultrental]

The above clip taken from Fat & Fifties is a perfect example of working hole not for bragging rights, not for ego, not your country, honor, money, food or any other such non-sense: it’s working hole– (continue reading…)

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This year, Santa, I wanna bang Mrs. Claus

by on Dec.24, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Happy Holidays, folks!  What a great day Christmas eve is: the turkey is cooking in the oven, presents are waiting under the tree, your glass is topped-off the moment you take the slightest sip, and it looks like your no-good Uncle has passed out early, which is great news ‘cause his old-ass wife is a real cocking sucking slut and you’re about to get a slice.

[adultrental s="799" ]a008337[/adultrental]

Nothing says Merry Ho Ho like banging the shit out of some mature babe in heat.  Forget about the egg-nog, pump her full of man-nog, and sit back and watch the Christmas cheer ooze down her legs in lovely gobs of goo.  Then– (continue reading…)

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Your buddy’s mom: part 2

by on Dec.21, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

You’re not proud of the fact that you bang your buddy’s mom ever fucking chance you get, that you pump her so full of spunk that when she walks she leaks cream like a Boston cream donut slowly being crushed in a vice.  You simply can’t help yourself; her tits were made for fucking and that just what you’ll do.

[adultrental s="739" ]a002791[/adultrental]

As we can clearly see in the above clip from Hooter World, milfs do the boner good.  Sure, they might have a few rough corners, a wrinkle here, a polyp there, but on the whole you can’t go wrong with these seasoned– (continue reading…)

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The Cry of the Cougar in Heat

by on Dec.17, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

It’s no secret that when a woman reaches a certain age—say late thirties, early forties—she undergoes a wondrous transformation; like a man becoming a werewolf, what civilization she may have had is quickly cast aside and the beast within is unapologetically unleashed.  She ceases being a soccer mom or a library technician or a checkout lady and is then a feral cock gobbler, a single-minded animal concerned only with balls and jizz and her own throbbing vagina.

[adultrental s="480" ]a037131[/adultrental]

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.  As seen in the above clip from Cougars Strike 3, what was once a sandwich making, grocery shopping, bedroom cleaning middle-aged woman is now and forevermore a young man stalking, cock devouring, cum gargling über skank.  Naturally, as irony– (continue reading…)

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One Classy lady

by on Dec.14, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

I’m all for multitasking, but I draw the line at hacking a butt while busting a nut.  It’s all about focus.  How am I to envision an anal bang Xanadu if I taking hot eye-tokes from the cigarette dangling from my mouth with ash falling all over the place, mixing with cum to form a nasty grey cement-like substance, one which is simply impossible to scrape off by traditional means.

[adultrental s="471" ]a019511[/adultrental]

The above being said, I do understand that “sexy smoking” is a fetish for some, and I’m not one to judge; I’m just caught up on the logistics of the whole thing.  It seems both messy and dangerous.  The last thing one– (continue reading…)

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Banging your buddy’s old-ass mom

by on Dec.11, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

She’s old, has wrinkles, is nearsighted as hell, and has a beaver which can only be describes as wanting—but fuck, what can you do—your best friend’s mom needs hard dickings too.  Who are you not to give her the pole ride of the century?  Sure, you might feel a little sheepish the next time you see her.  Hey, that’s what booze is for.

[adultrental s="650" ]a030439[/adultrental]

The above clip is from the very frisky German film OMA 182: Die Alte Sau!—whatever the fuck that means.  My guess it translates into something to do with loose skin, random-ass hairs, and failing teeth.  In any case, I’m– (continue reading…)

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