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Finger lickin’ Milfs, good

by on Feb.25, 2010, under Adult Video Reviews

So, she has a square jaw, a steely gaze, man mouth, and looks like a linebacker if you blur your eyes a little bit.  Big deal.  Biologically, she’s a 100% female.  And guess what, she’s rabid for hot cock spunk.  Will you give it to her, she wonders as she sucks on those digits, each one no doubt flavored by epic fingerbanging and tobacco rolling.

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The above clip is from the flick Milf Does A Brotha Good, and I gotta say as titles go, this one is right on the money.  Straight up, chesty mothers and black über snake go together like eggs and toast, but with the former involving more yoke.  If this action isn’t your thing, no worries; at least now you know what to get your mom for mother’s day.

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Stink Finger Fridays

by on Jan.22, 2010, under Adult Video Reviews

Interesting sex will always involve errant aromas; it’s just the cost of doing business.  Straight up, you stick a finger up some chick’s asshole, it’s gonna come up smelling like shit—this ain’t rocket science people.  And I don’t care how clean the asshole in question is, the above is always true.

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My way of thinking, stinky smell is an integral part of letting the Id, your inner most animal, out to play.  I’m not saying I’d rather fuck in a barn than in a comfortable bedroom, all I’m saying is one must get dirty to get down and dirty.  Case in point, the above– (continue reading…)

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