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The Perfect Secretary #3: New Recruit

by on Jun.07, 2013, under Adult Video Reviews

A sexy young college grad enters a world of submissions and discovery in this glossy, chic adult film feature by Adam & Eve Studio. Riley Reid is the impressionable girl, dark-haired, petite, and very open-minded, and ready to enter the workforce. She comes across the BaukRiver Institute, a stylish, modern office where there is a hierarchy to the staff, all of whom are made up of sexy women in black.

The mesmerizing Katie St. Ives, sporting straight jet black hair and a string of sexy tattoos on her back, introduces young Riley to the operation, quickly seducing her and making her fall in line.

As Katie forces Riley to suck her supple breasts, all the while slowly undressing the nubile teen, a pair of blonde women, both in skimpy black outfits and both wearing glasses, jerk and suck off a very lucky man. When Katie slowly removes her leggings while locking lips with Riley, we catch sight of her juicy ass and tender clit, a taste of things to cum.

Riley works her way through this strange group of sexual deviants, some of them dominant, and some submissive. She eats a strawberry off Cameron Canada’s ass before eating out the pussy of another sexy blonde girl, as others gather round to enjoy. At last Riley gets a chance with a man, another older influence who controls Riley and keeps her in place.

She is first on her back, with her skinny legs spread high into the air to reveal her nearly completely shaven, pink pussy. After getting thoroughly wetted, she takes a cock deep inside her as she lies across a table. Her tiny tits bounce as her man thrusts inside her, as Riley moans and grimaces at the massive dick.

When she is finished, it’s the MILF’s turn for some hardcore fucking. Dana Dearmond, the dark-haired cougar with the most delicious ass and dirty tongue. In similar fashion, there is the tease, the undressing, the licking, and finally the fucking. Dana is pounded on a table, enjoying the pain and screaming in kind, all the while Katie and her blonde companions watch naked and pleasure themselves. In a turn for the film, Dearmond performs the only anal sex scene, and the veteran star enjoys every second of it.

Even the sex scene set against dirty background and dark background is artsy and atmospheric, with enough light to watch a Chanel Preston get pounded by a big black cock, She deep-throats a black dick, lets him inside her from behind and on her back, and then takes a warm cum shot over her face.

In the dramatic finale of this lengthy adult rental, submission is taking to the next level, with ropes and harnesses in place, as young Riley is tied and standing immobile. Before taking care of her, Katie gets her chance to suck and fuck a man, and as he is tied to a bed, she does what she pleases, smothering him with her curvy ass and then riding him hard. Riley, Katie, Cameron and others returns for a very sexy ending, concluding this smart and realistic feature.

Studio: Adam & Eve
Director: Nick Orleans
Production Year: 2013
Length: 2h 57m


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Fifty Shades of Grey – A XXX Adaptation

by on Oct.17, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

The best-selling books that is a making housewife horny and innocent young girl blush gets the much needed XXX adaptation, taking Fifty Shades of Grey to its dark and dirty extreme, finally offering something for men and the kinkiest of women to truly enjoy.

Fifty Shades of Grey – A XXX Adaptation
, from Smash Pictures is a two and a half hour erotic thriller, of bondage and S&M action featuring the young, slender long-haired brunette Allie Haze in the starring role.

She plays the innocent and impressionable student Anastasia, who gets seduced by an older man and led into a dark world of sexual deviance and exploration. She takes some time to warm up to the secretive Christian Grey (Ryan Driller), but soon enough she is willing to be taken, and we get our first glimpse of the gorgeously tanned Allie, with her tiny tits, brown nipples, and neatly-trimmed bush and the first of her many fucks in the movie.

In their initial encounter, Anastasia takes him inside her while on her back, with the two soon moving to the bath tub where she gives Christian a passionate, wet blowjob. They later return to the bed, where Anastasia gets her first experience with some light bondage, as her hands are tied over her head while Christian licks her tight, tender pussy.

As that scene comes to a close, so to speak, we turn to Anastasia’s friend, played by the blond and buxom Alexis Ford, as she fucks and sucks in bed wearing a pair of high heels. She is far more experienced than Allie, who now exposed to the world of sex, starts to have nightmares of depravity and bondage, where men and women are gagged, blinded, and tied up.

One such scene features the blond dominatrix Julie Ann, as she takes advantage of a bound and tied man, whipping him and forcing his tongue into her pierced pussy. She removed her black corset revealing her massive breasts, blowing him off and finally removed his restraints so she can get properly fucked: on her back, her stomach, and between her tits.

The nightmares of young Allie soon turn to fantasies, and these thoughts turn her on. Lying in bed wearing a white tank and a pair of purple panties, she starts to masturbate, and her dark thoughts find her tied naked and spread eagle to a bed as Christian stands over her with a whip and total control.

It’s not long before her fantasies become a dark reality. During a masquerade ball, she is taken away to a bathroom, where she is momentarily handcuffed and spanked before taking a cock from behind while still wearing her ball gown and high heels.   The dramatic and much anticipated finale finds the petite and nubile Anastasia having sex in both the bedroom and the dungeon, not knowing what is real, but turned on by both. The innocent girl is stripped of her pure, white clothes, revealing once more her slender frame and perky tits. Her legs are spread apart and locked in pace, with her arms handcuffed over her head, and she stands wide-eyed and submissive, ready to be taken, beginning a lengthy ending to the sex-filled film adaptation.

It is the story all men wanted, and the adult film rental that was sorely needed, featuring a perfect-bodied young, naïve girl in need of domination and a good, hard fuck.

Categories: Bondage, Spoof, S&M, Fetish, Feature
Director: Jim Powers
Production Year: 2012
Length: 148:21 minutes
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One Classy lady

by on Dec.14, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

I’m all for multitasking, but I draw the line at hacking a butt while busting a nut.  It’s all about focus.  How am I to envision an anal bang Xanadu if I taking hot eye-tokes from the cigarette dangling from my mouth with ash falling all over the place, mixing with cum to form a nasty grey cement-like substance, one which is simply impossible to scrape off by traditional means.

[adultrental s="471" ]a019511[/adultrental]

The above being said, I do understand that “sexy smoking” is a fetish for some, and I’m not one to judge; I’m just caught up on the logistics of the whole thing.  It seems both messy and dangerous.  The last thing one– (continue reading…)

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It that what I think it is? Oh God! It is!

by on Dec.13, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

I like kink.  I do.  Fetishes are fucking awesome.  That being said, I’ve never looked at an enema bag and thought to myself I should throw that fucker into the mix.  Call me old fashion, call me tame, but what ever happened to leather chaps and whips and oversized dildos and hooker boots?

[adultrental s="785" ]a014480[/adultrental]

Hey, I’m all for foreign objects up the pooper, but this particular application of that maxim has some very messy consequences that I simply don’t see enhancing the sexual experience.  I’m not going to spell it out– (continue reading…)

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Lesbian Gangbang Foot Suck-off

by on Nov.03, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

My last all-lady gangbang was pretty tame compared to this action from Pussy Galore.  Sure, we ate each other out, had some good times with some big toys, did some spanking, a whole lot of fingering, and we even got some food involved, but it definitely didn’t have the same raw animalistic passions seen here in the below clip.

[adultrental s="775" ]a003598[/adultrental]

All I have to say is “WOW!”  Look at these feral fuckers go.  I’ve never been one to involve my feet in a poon smashing session, but after viewing this footage, I’m– (continue reading…)

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What a waste of a suck

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the futility, the abject stupidity, of sucking off a fucking piece of plastic, but I feel that I need to reiterate myself, especially when suddenly confronted with a clip like this one where an otherwise AWE-INSPIRING blowjob is wasted on a gawd dawn doorstop.

[adultrental s="785" ]a013721[/adultrental]

The above scene is taken from The Asylum, a particularly fantastic movie featuring Bondage, S&M, and everything fetish; it just a shame that the players within had to have a run-in with– (continue reading…)

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I’m paying you to paint my house–NOT THAT!

by on Oct.23, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

So you’re doing some home renovations, knocking down a few walls, moving some shit around, adding some crap, removing some crap; it’s the wife’s way of keeping you busy and out of trouble.  Most of stuff you don’ t mind doing, except for painting—painting sucks!  No worries, a friend of yours is a contractor and will hook you up with some helpers.  It’s Saturday: you go out to pick up some supplies and…

[adultrental s="450" ]a000560[/adultrental]

You get back early, and guess what, that handsome couple you left working away an hour ago are now up to their innards in sex most excellent.  Here are your options: 1. you– (continue reading…)

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Hey, my cats do the same thing!

by on Aug.27, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

…well, sort of.  They clean each other in the living room, on the couch, not in some dank dungeon (moved out of the dungeon last year), and as a rule, they do their grooming at night for privacy, free of voyeuristic creepy dudes in hooded cloaks, unless you count Halloween time, in which case, they are surrounded by creepy dudes in hooded cloaks, myself included.

[adultrental s="480" ]a031273[/adultrental]

This clip is from the film Underworld, which is a 4 scene collection of “dark and dialogue-free sex vignettes.”  Spot on!  Who needs talking when there’re assholes to eat and– (continue reading…)

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