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Immoral Proposal

by on May.28, 2013, under Adult Video Reviews

The endlessly sexy April O’Neil, in all her petite, brunette glory, takes centre stage alongside Mr. Pete in a lengthy yet intimate adult feature . A 2013 release by Sweet Sinner studios, and directed by Nica Noelle, Immoral Proposal follows the ups and downs, the passionate romances and fiery fights, of a young married couple struggling to make it in this world.

A heated morning argument turns into a fight and soon turns into fierce bout of make-up sex, as we get our first of many shots of April’s finely-shaped naked body. Her massive breasts are impressive for someone her size, and as her pants come off, we see a sexy tattoo on her right heat, and a trimmed bush on the dark-haired temptress.

She sits spread-eagle on the counter, takings a licking from her husband while moaning and running her hands across her perky breasts and large nipples. Mr. Pete enters her, fucking her on her back, on her hands and knees, and then on her side while lying on the kitchen floor. Nearly 25 minutes of fucking later, and April finally gets a shot of cum across her stomach as the two embrace.

Their life is not all fun and sex, though, as monetary problems continue to hang over their heads. Enter Evan Stone as a rich businessman who can help the young couple – for a price. At a dinner between the three, Evan tells them that he will pay any amount of money to spend just one night in bed with April (wouldn’t we all?).

Desperate, April agrees, while Mr. Pete is conflicted, filled with uncontrollable jealousy and anger, and unsure if April has lied to him. April meets Evan, wearing a red evening gown and black stockings, innocent yet turned on. The dress comes off while the stockings stay on, as April strips for her rich man and begins to pleasure him. Her dark hair and massive breasts sway as she straddles Evan, her tight ass sticking in the air.

April takes his big cock deep inside her, spreading her skinny legs wide once more, showing off her pink pussy and black-haired bush. April pants and screams and moans, but when she is fully satisfied, she returns home to lies and deceit.

Driven mad, Mr. Pete turns to another woman, a young, dark-haired slut who looks remarkably like his wife, April. She gives a passionate blow job, stroking his cock slowly as she presses her lips against his shaft. She gets on top, spreading her ass cheeks, bouncing with every thrust.

Just as the married couple cheats, so too does Evan, seducing another young woman, as he brings home the blonde bombshell Stella Banxxx. Fair-skinned and fully shaven, Stella takes Evan’s hard dick for a long ride, before jerking him off and letting him cum all over her stomach and breasts. While in the moment it’s hot, sweaty, and sexy, there is a feeling lingering afterwards that Stella, like April and Mr. Pete must confront. Such is the dirty dilemma in Immoral Proposal.


Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Nica Noelle
Production Year: 2013
Length: 2h 41m
Categories: Couples, Feature, Reality





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Father Figure #3

by on May.10, 2013, under Adult Video Reviews

Young, attractive, and lost, the gorgeous teens of Father Figure 3 need some extra special attention. The adult film feature written, produced, and directed by James Avalon for Sweet Sinner studios shows off some of the most gorgeous actresses in the porn industry in stunning quality.

The precocious and delicious Riley Reid is one of many girls unsure of herself and the world around her, in need of direction in life in the form of a father. More to the point, she wants to get banged by an older man. She solicits the advice of her slutty brunette friend Lola Foxx, and she show’s her how it’s really done.

The busty raven-haired bad girl knocks on the door of an older man she likes, and not too long after she seduces him on the couch before making her way to the bedroom. Her clothes come off, including her pink panties as she bends over, allowing her man to get a taste of her wet, teenage pussy. She moans while on all fours, before switching positions, spreading her legs wide in the air as she gets eaten out again. Lola turns over her man for some 69 action, and then the fucking really starts.

This lengthy scene, one of many in the film, ends with Lola taking a hot load of cum across her teenage stomach, just above her sexy flower tattoo.

Riley Reid tries to learn from her, taking sexy pics and sending them to her man. It works, and she shows up to his house in a tiny slutty outfit, and soon enough she is upstairs on bed, taking off her clothes, revealing a skimpy thong. The petite angel flaunts her tight ass, perky breasts, and a line of tattoos down the spine of her back.

As she lies prone, her ass gets kissed (maybe briefly licked, it looks so hard to resist), before taking a cock from behind in her tight pussy. It’s slow at first behind becoming fast and harder, and Riley can’t help but scream. She gets up on all fours taking it quicker, and then rolls over to spread her legs up in the air. She finally takes a cum shot across her tight teen belly.

Maddy O’Reilly is the next sex-starved teen that comes a-knocking to a lucky man’s house. The tall, pearly-skinned brunette reveals pink underwear covering up a pair of tiny tits and a clean-shaven pink pussy. When she rides slowly on her, her ass cheeks spread showing off her gorgeous, un-penetrated asshole. A variety of positions later and she takes a load just like the other girls: spent, on her back.

The sultry Presley Hart is the last up, amazingly  fucks Evan Stone in a dimly light bedroom for a change of pace. Bathed in blue, the two fuck hard and aggressively, and Presley, with her perky tits and dirty mouth might be the loudest moaner of them all. The pair gets hot and sweaty, finishing exhausted after a long, hard lesson from daddy. That’s how it’s done.


Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: James Avalon
Production Year: 2013
Length: 2h 41m


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Educating Reeves

by on Nov.12, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

The British do it differently, and different is good in this British XXX production by Joy Bear Pictures. Director Ted D. has given us a high quality adult film with all the production values of a mainstream movie. The sex scenes are as hot as any that come out of the San Fernando Valley.

Educating Reeves is narrated by the main character, Caroline, played by the stunning Lou Charmelle, speaking with a French accent. The movie opens with a sumptuous shot of Lou alone in bed in her farmhouse. She wakes and looks at the gorgeous view of the land, while we feast our eyes on her.

The scenery of the English countryside is no match for the natural beauty of these English babes. Caroline narrates the tale of a motorcycle racer who has come to her town to purchase land for a raceway. Danny D. tries to win the women over to his side with his prize possession, and it isn’t a motorcycle.

Danny D. has a thick, uncut, twelve-inch dick. This is a blessing and a curse, as you will soon find out. Danny is known in British porn as Whitezilla. He may have a skinny, pasty body, but no one’s looking at anything other than his magnificent appendage.

Danny needs to convince Lou to sell him the land, and he gets to work right away on Jess West, who he thinks is Lou, but she is the housekeeper. Like most of the other women in this adult film, she has natural perky breasts and a hot little body. Jess pulls down his pants and rubs his monster cock through his tighty whities. She pulls his cock out of his underpants and starts sucking. There is no deep throat action here, Jess can’t fit more than a third of his giant cock in her mouth.

Danny turns her around, pulls down her tight jeans and rubs his dick on her sweet ass, under her panties. Off come the clothes and Danny fucks Jess while she is pressed against the counter. Her right leg is raised onto the counter giving us a great view of her wet, shaved pussy.

Danny lifts her on the counter and licks her pussy, then hops up and fucks her against the cool granite top. After trying out various positions, he pulls out and shoots the kind of load you would expect to come out of that cock. Cum covers her from head to crotch.

The next scene features Samantha Bentley and Satine Spark. Samantha is working in the barn when Sunny comes in. This is a sweetly languorous scene of some of the best lesbian sex you have ever seen. When these women straddle each other’s face in a way that we can see all the action, you get an eyeful of pussy licking that is not only hot, but beautiful to watch.

The narrator starts reminiscing about the couple who used to live in the house, back in the 40s. Paige Turner is at the sink doing dishes when Seth Strong comes in, and lifts her dress to expose her garter belt, and seamed stockings.

Paige has no problem sucking Seth’s regular sized cock. I doubt that anyone had “Lucky You” tattooed above their pubic bone back in the 40s, but let’s not be nit picky. Paige straddles Seth face forward and reverse cowgirl so we get nice view of her perfect pussy. She turns around and he cums all over her ass.

In the next scene, two women investors come to town and stay at Lou’s house. Cathy Heaven is the only woman in the group who has large tits. She is sitting on the couch, pissed off about something, and throws her cell phone on the floor.

Paige Fox picks it up in her mouth and crawls over to Cathy to give it to her. Cathy gives Paige’s hot ass a spanking, using her hand and a book. Director Ted D. really knows how to get those pussy eating shots and he lets the camera linger on the action.

In the final scene, Lou gives in to Danny and lets him in, lets him way in, right under that tiny landing strip, inside her lovely British pussy. Lou also has trouble taking all of Danny D for dick’s giant occupational plus into her sweet mouth, but she makes up for it by fucking him into the next day.

This is a great movie for women or couples. The sex scenes aren’t rushed, as they seem to be in some American movies. The woman are real, and the pussy licking scenes are dripping wet. Women will appreciate that even when Danny is sinking his monster to the hilt, these lovely British beauties aren’t moaning hysterically, their sounds are more realistic. It’s a quiet film with no background music, only the natural sounds of women receiving pleasure.

Director: Ted D.
Production Year: 2012
Length: 2h 0m
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Forever Love Trust

by on Oct.31, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

The words ‘forever,’ ‘love,’ and ‘trust,’ in any order or combination, are hard to find in a title of any movie a man likely wants to see.  Unless of course, it’s an adult video feature.

For the sensitive and more plot-focused hardcore enthusiast comes Forever Love Trust by Jim Powers and Smash Studio. It is a rom-com-porn, the kind that begins with a breakup, but not before a 20-minute long session of blow jobs and fucking. Eric is truly madly deeply in love with his fiancé (they very sexy red-headed and tattooed Brooklyn Lee), and we can all see why in the opening scene. The two exchange oral services, before performing them simultaneously. Brooklyn gets pummeled on her back before riding her man, and finally taking a load on her neatly-trimmed pubic hair.

Then she ends the romance, permanently.

Heartbroken, Eric returns to his home town, rekindling with family and friends. He encounters and old friend, the slender, sexy, blue-eyed and red-headed Rebecca (Marie McCray) and the sexual tension begins. Rebecca though, is dating some loser from high school—isn’t it always the case.

After a drunken house party where the friends catch up, the action returning to the bedroom when the horny blonde Krissy Lynn finds a man to fuck. She takes a cock deep down her throat, using the stud in her pierced tongue to satisfy. Krissy rides him on top, then turns on her back, sticking her legs high in the air and moaning loudly as her breasts bounce back and forth. When she gets him to ready to cum, Krissy turns him over, gives him a good two-handed tug, and opens wide for his messy load.

The next day, the sexual talk escalates, as Eric and company start discussing threesomes. Later on in bed, Eric’s brother Chad who talked a big game earlier, becomes the hesitant one when his girlfriend raises the subject, professing his monogamous love. As he falls asleep though, fantasy creeps in, and suddenly he is sandwiched between the blonde Bailey Blue, and the brown-haired Madison Ivy, beginning the incredibly sexy dream.

They are the perfect pair of long-haired beauties. Bailey, with her milky white skin, soft, tender breasts appears innocent in pink, while the tanned Madison, with her petite frame, large fake breasts, and black lingerie, is the seductress. They take turns sucking on Chad’s big cock, slowly taking off their clothes. The two both take turns riding on top, and for a quick second, the nasty Madison runs her tongue across Bailey’s pink asshole, just before she takes a cock inside her wet pussy, teasing, and making you thirsty for more. Both girls get their fill, as Madison licks the cum off Bailey’s ass after Chad unloads.

While his brother’s fantastic dream comes true, Eric is still sad. Rebecca is too, as she catches her dick of a boyfriend with his cock in another woman, a busty, curvy, blonde. Will Eric and Rebecca finally be together, consummating their love with by going down on either other and fucking into the night? Does Rebecca have a pink, shaven pussy and perky bouncy breasts? Does she moan as her ass cheeks are spread when taking a cock in her pussy?

Well of course. It’s a romantic comedy after all.


Director: Jim Powers
Production Year: 2012
Length: 123:52 minutes
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Couples Camp #2

by on Oct.29, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

It stands that reason that all he trials and tribulations of happy relationships can most often be attributed to lack of trust, communication, and sex (usually all three at once). So begins Couples Camp 2, a Jonathan Morgan-directed Wicked Pictures feature, which is likely one adult film rental far closer to reality than most others.

When one pair of lovers hit a road block, they turn to therapy. Well, the man thinks that would help, while the woman, the very sexy blonde Samantha Saint, can only think about sex. She remembers a dirty scene in which the raven-haired Angelica Saige plays a doctor fucking one of her patients. The tall, thin beauty takes a cock deep down her throat, then hops up on a table to get her bald pussy thrust upon. She rides reverse cowgirl, with her perky tits bouncing as she moans, until she releases her man only to get cummed on.

That was Samantha getting a bit distracted (a great distraction, at that). She reluctantly goes to the retreat, where she encounters a few other guests, including MILF Lisa Ann, the petite Allie Haze, and the shy, innocent Lily La Beau.
Tommy Gunn and Samantha are treated first, and tells of his dream. In it, after a dinner party, he takes Samantha to an empty room where her panties come off, her dress comes up, and her pussy gets fucked. She reveals her massive fakes breast and pierced nipples, gagging on a hard dick as she squats on the floor and shows off her pierced clit. The pair fuck on a pool table, and Tommy removes his cock just in time to cum over the back of a bent over Samantha.

Next up are the lesbian couple of Lisa and Allie, looking remarkable like a mother and daughter. Lisa wants to be devious and dominant, while the shy Allie wants to play things nice and easy. The two take things to heart, as that night Lisa Ann emerges wearing baby blue underwear, and Allies appears dressed in leather. Lisa’s gigantic breasts explode out of her bra as Allie undresses her, and it doesn’t take long for her panties to come off and her pussy to get fingered and tongued. That’s that not only place that gets licked, as eager Allie puts her on all fours and runs her tongue around her asshole for one of the best moments in the feature porn.
With her black socks still rolled up to her knees, and her leather bracelets still around her wrists, Allie’s legs are spread wide, as Lisa Ann goes for her trimmed pussy. She girls conclude by eating each other out, and we get a great view of Allie’s young asshole, with Lisa spreading her cheeks wide, and running her tongue along her clit.

Lily Le Beau is last to be ‘cured,’ as she fantasies about taking public affection to the extreme when she starts fucking her boyfriend a restaurant patio. Her pure white skin shines in the sun, as her hairy pussy is fucked on a table. Like the newly eager-to-please girl.

We return to the start at the end, with the rejuvenated Tommy and Samantha welcoming to third to their party: the nubile brunette, Holly Michaels. She gets the first ride, as she straddles a cock, moaning as her natural breasts heave. She gets the star treatment, with a cock in her pussy and a tongue on her clit before the big finish to the fun the weekend.
Here is hoping they all return next year and take things even further.


Categories: Couples, Threesomes, Feature
Director: N/A
Production Year: 2012
Length: 123:22 minutes


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