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Behind the scenes at Rivendell

by on Nov.29, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

If it’s the one thing that my imagination has taught me: all elves are big sluts.  It was a happy day when I came to this grand realization.  There I was, watching The Fellowship of the Ring in the theater—masturbating in my pocket—and suddenly it struck me like a bag a bricks, that behind closed doors, these dexterous pointy eared darlings on screen must be kinky mother fuckers in the sack, with their magic toys and limitless endurance. Straight up, pixies and other fairy folk: Horny buggers the lot of ‘em.

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Somehow this was lost on the rest of the audience as I busted my four nut with my more than buttery hand.  I recall, after the show, getting my soggy ass home for round five, but this time the gloves were coming off.  Happily, I let– (continue reading…)

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At least it’s realistic

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

The thing I love about Anime/Hentai is that it is so god damn realistic.  Just look at this little Philly riding the cream-rod carousel, with her 24 inch waist and her 50 inch perfectly perky chest, eyes beaming like a pair of halogen car lights.  I knew a girl like this one in college, and then I woke up, drenched in spunk from the wet dream that I could have sworn was real.

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This chip is taken from Boin Lecture 2, a film concerned with two things and two things only: reaming elfin poon and toggling sand dollar sized nipples.  Unlike in most Japanese– (continue reading…)

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Hentai, still fucking amazing!

by on Oct.09, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

You gotta respect the Japanese eye for detail.  It’s the little things, as seen here.  Notice how her nipples wiggle when the breasts are moved, just enough to communicate their subtleness; see how buddy-boy here works both pussy hole and clit, which has a remarkable resemblance to the real thing despite being merely a few contoured lines of pink; take note of her anus, how it submits to his finger: these are the beautiful notes that make up the boner-rific symphony which is Japanese animation.

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And then there’s the taboo element, which seems to flavor all titles of this enormous and ever popular niche.  This clip from Taboo Charming Mother 3 is pretty tame compared to– (continue reading…)

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Move Over Sailor Moon!

by on Sep.11, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Call it what you will: hentai, anime, fucking sick, the best thing since sliced bread, just don’t call Japanese animation shy.  You might ask yourself why, why are these cartoons so outlandish and hardcore?

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From my understanding, it all goes back to the censorship rules of the populous island and the clever ways that the anime producers get around them, but judging from– (continue reading…)

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Chopstick Masturbation: Yep, Anime does that

by on Aug.13, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Son, I’ve seen some fucked up shit in my dayz, weird ass funky kinky shit, but I stills gets my surprise-on with Japanese anime.  Some twisted dudes drawing these mother fucking things.  Feast your eyes on the scene below from Hot Juicy Teacher.  Bitch is jerking buddy off with a pair of chopsticks.  Fuck.  Doesn’t say much for him.

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If that wee sailor moon try that shit on me, she better be bringing twin mother fucking tree trucks to do her thang, cause you know I be sporting a dirty dozen.  One of my hommies once got– (continue reading…)

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Japanese Cartoons: not for Sunday Mornings

by on Jul.30, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

As a simple man, I enjoy simple things.  I like beer, nothing fancy, as long as it’s not piss warm, I’ll drink it (who am I kidding, I’ll drink piping hot beer if I must).  I love a good sandwich.  I dig electronics.  And yes, I spend most of my free time watching television.  By all accounts, I’m a regular guy; then why is it I’m addicted to Hentai, Japanese pornographic animation?

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Take this clip for example; it’s pretty fucking deviant.  My wife caught me the other day– (continue reading…)

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Hardcore Anime: It’s Pretty Special

by on Jul.10, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Allow me to introduce School Girl Special Lesson.  From what I can see here, the Japanese have the best educational system in the world.  Who needs History or Geography class when Lesbian Linguistics and Morning Room Masturbation Class are in the curriculum?

[adultrental s="405" ]a029796[/adultrental] (continue reading…)

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