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Girl Crush

by on Dec.20, 2012, under Adult Video Reviews

Girl Crush continues in the Abby Winters tradition of unscripted, undirected adult movies that cause a direct effect in your groin region, whether you’re male or female. These girls could be your girlfriends. The women may be amateurs, but Abby Winters is 100 percent pro – they know how to make you horny.

These are the girls next door, naughty but good girls who just want to have fun. There are no porno fingernails, no fake tits, just lots of luscious female flesh that is genuinely aching to be touched.

Girl Crush runs close to 3 hours, but time flies when you’re having erotic fun, even though there are only two real scenes.

In the first scene, Kara D. is at home in her apartment when Maria shows up. Kara is a pretty, natural dirty blonde with a sweet body and a slightly trimmed bush. Maria has beautiful, thick curly, auburn hair and a red bush.  They wrestle around on the bed, kissing passionately and losing clothes along the way.

Kara fingers Maria’s twat and licks the juice off her fingers before burying her face in Maria’s pussy.

When they move into the 69 position, you want to be in on the action. These two can’t get enough of each other, even when they are finished. Maria forgets her panties when she leaves, and Kara fingers her still wet clit, holding Maria’s panties to her nose.

Meanwhile, Maria sits outside on the driveway, spreads her legs and works off another round on her own clit, thinking about what has just happened.

There is a scene in a car, where these two hotties are talking about their sexual experiences with two other women. There are quick flashback of some other hot chicks that they have licked, and snippets of scenes with Kara and Zasha, talking about how they make their movies.

After that, Kara and Maria meet up again, but this time a photographer is taking stills of the action. This porn movie not only shows us some great lesbian sex scenes, but also shows us how they got these women to bury their faces in each other’s juicy cunts.

The next scene features the lovely AnnaBelle Lee and Silvie. AnnaBelle is at home in her somewhat messy girl’s apartment when Silvie arrives. AnnaBelle is a beautiful redhead, with pale skin and a tiny red landing strip of bush. Silvie has exotic Asian looks and long dark hair. AnnaBelle’s pale perfect skin looks lovely next to Silvie’s beautiful golden glow.

These two are a bit reticent at first; they take it nice and slow. Silvie keeps her panties on the entire time, but this just adds to the realness of the scene. They kiss and cuddle. AnnaBelle pulls Silvie’s panties to the side to suck her pussy lips into her mouth.

Silvie fingers AnnaBelle’s pussy from behind while AnnaBelle leans against the back of the couch. The two wrestle around on the couch, their bodies meshing in every possible position where they can lick each other’s pussies and spend time sharing those pussy juices through kisses.

You can tell that all the women in this XXX lesbian love fest are truly getting off on each other. They cum repeatedly and they lick those tasty pussies as if it was their first time, and for some of them, it is.

Starring: Anabelle Lee, Chloe B, Anabela, Jette, Maria, Angie

Studio: Abby Winters
Director: N/A
Production Year: 2012
Length: 3h 13m
Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Teens 18+
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Aussie amateur lesbian orgy, anyone?

by on Jan.12, 2010, under Adult Video Reviews

God, I love real girl on girl on girl twat bashing, munching, and stuffing.  Sure, professional screen lesbians have their place too, but there’s something raw about ladies eating poon totally for enjoyment, and not just doing it for a quick buck.  Granted, some of the babes are less than a perfect 10, but even that’s a bonus for me, flawlessness being too clean of a thing for a dirty jerk.

[adultrental s="799" ]a034854[/adultrental]

This clip is taken from Aussie Couples 8 and is an excellent example of amateur porn gone right.  Despite less than– (continue reading…)

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Hairy Amateur Teen Poon

by on Nov.10, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

I like looking at a beaver and it being a beaver, not merely some honeyed slit.  Give me bush, let that bush start two inches below the bellybutton, wrap around the gash, fan-out around the asshole, and  stretch halfway up to the small of her back.  And let it stink like a salty armpit all the way around.  That’s was sex is about, dropping pretenses and going feral.

[adultrental s="620" ]a037195[/adultrental]

Take a good long look at this girl’s hairy undercarriage (from ATK Natural & Hairy 10).  Now imagine what this strip of heavenly delight would be like if it– (continue reading…)

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Dirty French Pussy: Rubber Glove Approved!

by on Nov.01, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Perhaps I’ve grown weary of modern porn, with its perfectly manicured orifices and it’s digitally enhanced everything; perhaps I’m just a hippy when it comes to getting down to bumping uglies, but I likes my poon like I likes my burgers—with all the fixings!

[adultrental s="570" ]a029173[/adultrental]

This is way I often find myself surfing retro porn, particularly the European classics like this one: French Sex Delights.  There are no pretenses here, no fake orgasms or faux moans of– (continue reading…)

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Pregnant teens need hard dickings too

by on Oct.22, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

She’s knocked-up, and good news—it ain’t yours!  And she’s horny.  So, what do you do?  A: Get-the-hell-out-of-there, fearing that the baby father might bust down the door any second and give you a-brainin’.  B: Fuck her in the bum, being concerned that your extra-long dick might induce labor.  Or C: Probe, plow, and creampie ever god damn hole in sight (like this fella here in the below sample).  It’s not like you’re going to get her pregnant.

[adultrental s="764" ]a037198[/adultrental]

If you answered A, a word to the wise: no guts, no glory.  If you answered B, your using your head, I like that, but I’m afraid you’re not terribly bright.  Now, if you– (continue reading…)

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Amateur head professionally executed

by on Oct.03, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

It’s counter intuitive, but pornstars don’t necessarily give the best blowjobs.  I’m willing to wager every penny I’ll ever make that the best cock-smoker on the planet is some overweight homebody, farting up the couch some place nobody would expect, like in Fargo, North Dakota or Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

[adultrental s="540" ]a003394[/adultrental]

So when you hear the term “amateur,” by no means does that equate to poor quality; in fact, in most case what you’ll get is top calibre dirty.  Case in point, take a– (continue reading…)

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Sadly, I was born a straight man and not a gay woman

by on Sep.26, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Have you ever said this to yourself?  Come on, sure you have.  Look how fucking baller it would be to a well-holed girlie in a lesbian gangbang.  All you’d have to do to find yourself in this best-possible-situation is show up a lesbo bar and holler: who’s in?  The next thing you’d know, you’d be wrist deep in sweet lady love.

[adultrental s="606" ]a020674[/adultrental]

Seriously now, if you had one sexual wish, wouldn’t you want to be one of these ladies in T&A Chicks 10th Anniversary, getting your hood serviced by a legion of clit happy muff divers.  Personally, I’ve been asking Santa for this for years now, and I think I’m out of options.  Woe is me.

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Mature British Mothers, insatiable cock succubae?

by on Aug.29, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Folk wisdom 101: nothing is what it seems.  Always watch out for the little guy in a brawl, he’s the vicious one; always pick a good girl over a bad girl for a BJ, ‘cause frankly she’ll always want it more; and finally, never underestimate the depravity of the conservative, they will fuck you and have horse you rode in on (if it must be, hopefully it happens in that order).

[adultrental s="585" ]a029711[/adultrental]

Be my guest and take a hard look at this spectacled mother of many working happy inches of bloke dinky.  What she lacks in contact lenses she more than– (continue reading…)

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Locker Room Amateur Interracial Orgy, naturally!

by on Jul.26, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Many interesting things happen in a locker room, and most of them awfully gay.  Take the much fabled “eating the cracker” thingie, for example, where sexual endurance is ironically and disgustingly punished.  (If you’re not familiar with this rite of passage, let’s just say it involves a circle-jerk, one very semen drenched wafer, and one very unhappy camper.)  This is probably the worst of the locker room scene outside of the federal prison system.  Sure, there’s towel whipping, ass slapping, and I’m sure, the occasional toss in the washroom stall, but for the most part, no wild amateur interracial orgies take place…  OR DO THEY!  Allow me to introduce Couples Fantasy 5:

[adultrental s="493" ]a008217[/adultrental]

Here’s the proof that every now and then a spontaneous fuckfest breaks out in your local changing facility.  Look at ‘em cock smokers go— (continue reading…)

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Girls Kissing Girls: Nothing Wrong With That!

by on Jul.09, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Here’s our DVD of the week.  Watched it this morning… jizzed in my pants… and car (just thinking about it)… and at my place of work (not proud of that). Girls Kissing Girls it’s pretty fucking good!  Here’s a taste.


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