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Satan, a bad guy, but boy can he cum!

by on Jul.31, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

No wonder why the Morningstar got cast out of heaven, with a fully loaded spluge shotgun like this one, he must have been spunking up cloud nine something fierce.  Fuck, before this dude came along, the Pearly Gates were known as the Cast Iron Somewhat Decorative Gates.  Look at Lucifer go!  He’s got more stopping power in that there gun than a Desert jizzing Eagle.

[adultrental s="400" ]a007066[/adultrental]

See how that second brunette recoils as the first– (continue reading…)

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Japanese Cartoons: not for Sunday Mornings

by on Jul.30, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

As a simple man, I enjoy simple things.  I like beer, nothing fancy, as long as it’s not piss warm, I’ll drink it (who am I kidding, I’ll drink piping hot beer if I must).  I love a good sandwich.  I dig electronics.  And yes, I spend most of my free time watching television.  By all accounts, I’m a regular guy; then why is it I’m addicted to Hentai, Japanese pornographic animation?

[adultrental s="680" ]a028911[/adultrental]

Take this clip for example; it’s pretty fucking deviant.  My wife caught me the other day– (continue reading…)

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Teen Bum: 199 out of 200 Tony Danzas Approve!

by on Jul.29, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

It’s true!  Tony Danza would side-jump over a million couches and bang a million Monas just to have a gander, the briefest look, at the fine petite ass featured here in Try a Teen 14.  (I don’t know what my recent obsession with all things Danza has to do with teen porn, it just does and I’m gonna run with it.)   Move over Angela, Tony’s got some eggs to crack and some assholes to eyeball!

[adultrental s="555" ]a001342[/adultrental]

Eh oh, oh eh–let’s move on.  (The eighties, a television comedic wasteland, and yet I love it so.  What’s wrong with me?!)  Anywho, let’s get back to– (continue reading…)

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Locker Room Amateur Interracial Orgy, naturally!

by on Jul.26, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Many interesting things happen in a locker room, and most of them awfully gay.  Take the much fabled “eating the cracker” thingie, for example, where sexual endurance is ironically and disgustingly punished.  (If you’re not familiar with this rite of passage, let’s just say it involves a circle-jerk, one very semen drenched wafer, and one very unhappy camper.)  This is probably the worst of the locker room scene outside of the federal prison system.  Sure, there’s towel whipping, ass slapping, and I’m sure, the occasional toss in the washroom stall, but for the most part, no wild amateur interracial orgies take place…  OR DO THEY!  Allow me to introduce Couples Fantasy 5:

[adultrental s="493" ]a008217[/adultrental]

Here’s the proof that every now and then a spontaneous fuckfest breaks out in your local changing facility.  Look at ‘em cock smokers go— (continue reading…)

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Dr. Shemale MD: It’s okay, she’s a doctor

by on Jul.24, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

“From the back of the ambulance, to the examination table, these She Male doctors will give you an examination you won’t soon forget!”  From the DVD box cover.

Yep, trannies have medical doctorates too.

[adultrental s="625" ]a000987[/adultrental]

How do you know when your Proctologist is a tranny?– (continue reading…)

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Cock Smokers 4… Cock smoker’s patch recalled

by on Jul.21, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Hacking darts and hacking hard-ons, both addictions are can be costly, but only one is the intergalactic sign of peace.   (Case in point: How many world wars have you started while getting head?  There’s your answer!)

[adultrental s="494" ]a010415[/adultrental]

I digress.  Cock Smokers 4, as I’m sure you can tell by this clip, features a cavalcade of unapologetic, highly stylized, dick and ball oral worshiping– (continue reading…)

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What’s that clapping sound?

by on Jul.19, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

For the love of the fuck, that must hurt!  My boobies are of an average size, but even they smart when I run without a bra on, let along dropping like a pound of bricks over and over again.  I hope this chick is getting paid well for this shit!

[adultrental s="600" ]a029378[/adultrental]

Jesus, it even stings to watch.  This bbw from Big Tits Curvy Asses 5 is crazy! I remember when I was back– (continue reading…)

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Titty Fucking: not always so easy

by on Jul.18, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

This clip is taken from Titten 290, the latest installment of the German Big Tit franchise.  And if you’re asking yourself where does the 290 come in?  Well, this is the two-hundredth and ninetieth DVD of the series.  Needless to say, boobs are popular in the beer loving country.

[adultrental s="457" ]a031141[/adultrental]

Here’s a lovely example of the difficulties of tittie fucking.  Even with big– (continue reading…)

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Naked Cat Fights–of course they happen, Cuz!

by on Jul.17, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Straight up, sometime even bitches need to thrown down.  My money is on brown.  Look how she’s manhandling that ginner philly.  Damn!  There must be some muscle in those big fake titties.

[adultrental s="630" ]a014355[/adultrental]

Supreme Catfights 1: Battling Beauties, indeed.  Pick her up like a bowling ball, and strike that biatch!  Hell, this shit is going down— (continue reading…)

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Wild College Co-Eds 5, still not studying

by on Jul.15, 2009, under Adult Video Reviews

Who’s got time to hit the books when there’s masturbation and fucking-most-nasty to be had?  (Sounds like my college years.)

[adultrental s="420" ]a012544[/adultrental]

Sure, going to class, doing homework, and getting good grades are important and all, but so is busting balls in as many young eager beavers as possible.  I’m reminded of— (continue reading…)

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